How to Get the Most Out of Your Sleep

We all need sleep to help us properly recover and take on the challenges of life. Sleep plays a vital role in so many functions of the body. Many people know that they should get more sleep but don’t know how to improve the QUALITY of their sleep. In this article I will discuss howContinue reading “How to Get the Most Out of Your Sleep”

The Role of Supplements in a Diet

There are so many supplements out there that it can be hard to know if you should take them and what you should take. If you want to optimize your health, I believe supplementing can be a useful tool. However, there are some concerns with supplements that are worth examining. In this article I willContinue reading “The Role of Supplements in a Diet”

Caffeine: Balancing the Most Popular Drug in the World

Caffeine is consumed by over 90% of Americans and over half of adults consume about 300 milligrams per day. Caffeine comes with many benefits but also has downsides as well. I believe there is a proper balance to be maintained with caffeine consumption if you really want to reap the benefits from it. In thisContinue reading “Caffeine: Balancing the Most Popular Drug in the World”

5 Simple Tips for Weight Loss

Over 40% of Americans are overweight or obese and that number has grown fast over the past few decades. Dieting isn’t easy but there are some simple tips that you can follow to make it easier on yourself. Remember, simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy. Everyone wants to take the shortcuts when it comes to dietingContinue reading “5 Simple Tips for Weight Loss”

5 Time Management Tips for a Busy Schedule

We all get busy in life and at times the demands of our day-to-day life can become overwhelming. This is why it is so important to manage your time well. But this isn’t always easy. In this article, I will give you some tips to help improve your time management skills! Use a PlannerPerhaps theContinue reading “5 Time Management Tips for a Busy Schedule”

10 Simple yet Surprisingly Effective Habits for a Better Life

I wrote a previous article about what habits are and how to develop good habits and break bad habits. Now that I have covered that, I want to talk about some of my favorite habits that have contributed largely to my success in life. As a reminder, habits are behaviors that we perform continuously andContinue reading “10 Simple yet Surprisingly Effective Habits for a Better Life”

How to Use Variation in Training

There are many fundamental training principles that are integral to a successful workout program. One of these principles is variation. Variation is important for working on weak points, letting your body recover/adapt, and for increasing overall training success and enjoyment. In this article, I will outline what variation is and give you some different waysContinue reading “How to Use Variation in Training”

How to Build New Habits

One of the most important things I have learned during my journey of self-improvement is that motivation comes and goes. That is why it is important to build good habits to set yourself up for success. Building consistent habits is not easy and it may be even harder to eradicate your bad habits. Luckily, you’veContinue reading “How to Build New Habits”

My Top 5 Favorite Self-Development Books

Reading has always been a great tool for me but I found myself less motivated to read during school because I was always learning about so many other things. It wasn’t until my junior year of high school that I really got back into reading a lot. The way I did this was by discoveringContinue reading “My Top 5 Favorite Self-Development Books”

How to Track Your Workouts(Beginner – Advanced)

One of the first steps to building long-term success in weight training is tracking your workouts. It sounds simple, but so many people do not do this because it is tedious or boring. Tracking your workouts will force you to be consistent and ensures that you are progressively overloading. These, in my opinion, are twoContinue reading “How to Track Your Workouts(Beginner – Advanced)”